Wardrobes are the main piece of furniture in the bedroom after the bed, of course. Each one of us will have a unique idea of what the perfect wardrobe should be. Some prefer minimal, while others want to have a big ornate closet. Well-designed modern fitted wardrobes can greatly increase your access to space while giving your home a contemporary look. Here are some different varieties, any one of which might suit your needs perfectly:

Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door varieties are a modern take on the classic style wardrobe with door hinges. Keeping up with the changing times, it is a sleek, non-fussy style, making it is an ideal choice with a contemporary look. Sliding door wardrobes can be designed with two, three or four doors with the sliding door gliding smoothly on the track.

For effective use of space this bedroom is the best choice, because it occupies less space. No more pull-out cupboard-doors on hinges. This allows more free space in the room. The sliding door can be made in various types of sliding systems and with various materials creates unlimited possibilities. For Bespoke Fitted wardrobes, visit a site like lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

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Hinged Wardrobe

Door hinge wardrobes are the most common and traditional type. They are very simple in design and come with a variety of colours in different textures and finishes, one can easily find an ideal choice to go with the decor in one of your rooms. They are possibly not a good choice for small bedrooms in case the hinged doors create an obstacle with the bed.

L Shaped Wardrobe

The L-shaped cabinets are also known as “Corner” cupboards. They can be an ideal solution for the maximum utilization of the corner of a bedroom where generally that space is wasted. With sliding doors as well, a fitted L-shaped wardrobe provides great style as well as storage potential, making it a popular choice.

Walk-in Wardrobe

These are the ultimate in luxury for most people. They are ideal for those seeking large storage for clothes and a multitude of other items. They also offer a great opportunity to create a space that is highly organized. A well-designed space for everything. For the fashion-conscious people who love a variety of luxury items to collect, a walk-in wardrobe is the ideal choice. A normal walk-in will have both storage space and hangers on all three sides. You can achieve one if you have a nice amount of spare space which can then be separated by a door to make it an ideal walk-in-closet.

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Wardrobe with Mezzanine Loft

Because of the sloping of the roof with a mezzanine loft, it can be tough to find the appropriate wardrobe design for a loft or attic room. But with some clever and creative styling sliding, one can find the ideal storage solution, making great use of otherwise dead space under the mezzanine loft roof. Leaning the closet door is the ideal solution for sloped ceilings, loft bedrooms and down the stairs. They offer a versatile way to create a useful storage space to make use of otherwise lost space.

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