Cleaning Your Carpet

So that old carpet of yours doesn’t look as fresh and clean as it once did? Maybe there are just too many stains or it has grown faded and dingy over time. Now you’re wondering whether your should clean your carpet or pull it up and replace it entirely with new carpeting.

There are certain benefits and disadvantages to each option but, in many instances, it’s often the choice to clean and even repair the existing carpet that can be a lot more sensible and affordable in the long run. Purchasing a brand new carpet can be a lot more expensive and wasteful.

That’s because all of those old carpets will end in a landfill at some point. Each year, millions of pounds of used carpet material are dumped into landfills, making replacement rough on the environment as well as your wallet. Think about it, you spent a significant amount of money on purchasing your existing carpet, why give it the heave-ho so quickly in lieu of new carpeting material that will also cost you a pretty penny?

Much of the time, it makes a lot more financial sense to call your local carpet or upholstery cleaning in Hagerstown to give your current carpet a whole new lease on life.

Let’s consider the two choices you have for improving the look and feel of your home’s interior and you just may realize that cleaning your carpet should be your first choice ahead of replacement.

Cleaning Your Carpet

Okay, you don’t like the way your carpets look anymore but is that really enough reason to have them yanked out and replaced? Not all the time. You can have one of the many reliable carpet cleaners in your area to come out and diagnose the condition of your carpeting. For some carpets, a good deep clean is all they really need to be revitalized all over again.

Having a professional inspect the carpet will allow you to find out if the carpet can be saved with a good cleaning. Sometimes all you have to deal with are surface stains that can be shampooed out with the right solutions and equipment.

If a carpet has any signs of water damage or it’s become infested with mold, allergens, or other hazardous contaminants, then you may not be able to save it with a common cleaning. It’s too unhealthy to live with at that point.

Replacing Your Carpet

Replacing Your Carpet

Now if your carpeting is showing signs of too much hazardous damage like that listed above, then no amount of cleaning is going to eradicate the problems plaguing your unhealthy carpet materials. Mold and mildew in or under the carpet or padding is a definite sign you need to take the carpet out of the home and buy new.

Carpets that have been caught in a flood of water from the toilet or a sewage line are also past the point of no return and cleaning will be insufficient for making it healthy once again. This carpet needs to be removed and new carpet or flooring installed.

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