Beer-infused beef provides a way of combining two robust classic flavours into one contemporary eating experience. Whether in the form of beer-fed cattle – a method adopted by the Japanese – or simply a good-quality beef marinated in beer, or served with an excellent craft beer alongside, this flavour combination is rising in popularity.

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Get inspired by a variety of ways to experience these fantastic flavours.

An Indulgent Lunch

A New York street-food favourite – strips of beef drizzled with garlic butter served on a fresh slice of crusty bread – might not be one for the waistline, but it’s certainly one for the taste buds. Marinate the beef in beer overnight for a really earthy flavour.

Catering for Guests

Impress any number of guests with a sensational Mexican-themed evening.  Try beer-marinated beef with chipotle, served on warm tacos with succulent grilled veg and a zingy homemade salsa. Be prepared to offer second helpings.  If you like quality meals then you should head over to an Italian Restaurant Dublin location where they use their own fresh home grown ingredients.

You can still achieve that smoky, hearty flavour for the vegetarians among your guests by marinating juicy mushrooms or aubergines in craft beer and seasoning afterwards. Serve on tacos in the same way, and you will be thanked for going that extra mile.

Comfort Food

There is perhaps no better use for British beef than in a hearty, warming pie. With buttered potatoes on a winter’s night or steamed greens for a lighter option, infusing your beef with beer will add an unexpected twist to a true home classic.

Beer bread can also be delicious and versatile. Enjoy with a strong cheese and mug of tea to recover after a long day’s work.

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Quality over Quantity: Sourcing Your Beef

There has never been a better time to get informed on the issues that affect food. The BBC has published guidelines on safe meat consumption, and the Soil Association can help you to source organic meat.

Whether for reasons of health, flavour, animal welfare or even all three, where your beef comes from is a crucial part of eating well. Source only from responsible farmers who insist on quality at every stage, from the workers who raise and feed their cattle to the food machinery auctioneers from whom they get their equipment.

This will make the difference between surviving on meals and really flourishing on them. Happy eating!

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