Our drains are a fantastic invention that removes wastewater from the home and washes it safely away. Since the Victorians invented the sewers and put them in across the UK, many of the diseases from dirty water have been pretty much eradicated and we can enjoy the hygienic clean water from the taps without having to worry about catching an illness from it.

However, the sewers also provided the perfect habitat for a number of creatures that we don’t want in the home, and most people probably prefer not to think about it at all. Making sure that your drains are in good condition and getting them repaired by a professional like this drain lining company https://www.drainpower.co.uk/drainage-services/drain-lining will help to prevent your home getting infested by some of these drain dwelling critters…

Rats – Rats are well known for living in drains and the conditions in the sewers are perfect for these opportunistic rodents. With plenty of food to be found and lots of dark areas to build nests, they are able to breed prolifically and remain undisturbed down in the sewers.

With plenty of pipes to run through they can feel safe and secure and under the ground in the sewers they have no predators, so they are able to live safely.

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Cockroaches – Famously enjoying damp environments and being particularly hardy insects, cockroaches are not as numerous in the UK as they are in many other countries, mainly because our cooler climates aren’t as favourable to them. However, they find exactly what they like best in the sewers – sheltered from the cold and having the damp environment that they crave, they live in large numbers underground in the dark.

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Drain Flies – Aptly named due to their favoured location, drain flies are of course found in drains mostly, and look more like moths than flies on first glance. Anywhere that has sewage provides them with the ideal breeding ground and if you see these creatures in your home or garden it definitely is something that you should get checked out, as it is likely that you have some sewage leaking somewhere from a pipe or a problem with your drains.

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