It can be really annoying when your favourite sweater starts to bobble and no matter how carefully you treat it, it still keeps happening. But there are ways to avoid bobbling and to remove any which have formed.

What causes bobbling?

Officially known as ‘pilling’, bobbles form on knitwear because of friction from daily wear. This is because the fibres in knitted jumpers rub together, causing the fibres inside to break up before sticking and causing the little balls called pills.

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DIY Hacks

You can buy a pill remover from a store, or you can use a DIY remedy such as a piece of sticky tape to remove the bobbles. An alternative is to lay your sweater on a flat surface and use a razor to very gently shave the pills away.

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There are specific de-pilling combs for knitwear available, but according to Good Housekeeping, a fine-toothed comb can also be used. Just pull it towards yourself in short movements, making sure to keep the teeth of the comb facing straight down to avoid snagging.

It is best not to pull on any bobbles with your fingers, as this can further loosen any fibres and make the yarn weaker.

Preventive Action

To stop bobbles from forming on your favourite Aran sweater, you should always wash it inside out and, if possible, by hand. If using a machine, use a wool or delicate programme, as this will have a slower spin and protect the fibres.

Also, make sure to use a detergent suitable for delicates and only wash your jumper when necessary. It’s best to avoid fabric conditioner, as this softens and loosens the sweater fibres.

If you have a men’s Irish fisherman sweater, like the ones seen at specialist sites such as, you should consider what you’re wearing over it, as a coat without a lining will rub more, causing friction and bobbling.

After wearing an Aran sweater, brush it gently using a clothes brush with natural bristles as this will help smooth out loose ends and remove any lint and dust.

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