Whether you have a plastic or copper pipe, it is not always easy to pinpoint a leak; however, there are some signs that you might need to call a plumber.
1. Damp patches

If you have spotted a damp patch in your bathroom or kitchen, you may well have a leaky pipe. These leaks can affect external and internal walls alike and can feel or look wet and never seem to dry up, even in hot weather.

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If you see that damp is coming up from the floor, especially over an extended period, this can be a significant issue. Unchecked saturation can damage the foundations of the home. If you have a leak from the roof, you may have a damaged roof vent or chimney stack. A plumbing leak will occur constantly, whereas a roof will only leak when it rains.

2. Mould

If you smell a musky odour or see patches of black mould, this can be a sign that your copper pipe is leaking. Mould can start to grow amazingly fast; in fact, it can grow in as little as 24 hours if the temperature is warm. Mould can also be bad for your health, so it’s important to have it professionally checked.

If the mould is being caused by a leaking pipe, a plumber will take care of the issue. You may need to clear away the mould yourself with a mildew spray once you know the source of the leak has been tackled.

If you need to replace copper pipe, it is available from pipeline specialists such as watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems.

3. Low water pressure

Another common sign of a leaking pipe is low water pressure, as this suggests there is a leak somewhere in the pipe system – if the water pressure isn’t currently low on your street. If the neighbours have the same problem, it suggests the mains could be leaking.

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These three common signs of a leaking pipe are all good places to begin your investigations. Always remember to call a plumber if you have your suspicions to avoid problems escalating.

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