Squash is the best childhood drink. In your childhood, you probably spent a lot of time trying different squash flavours and depending on the person who made it, also sampling the strength. It is a skill to make the perfect squash. Too weak and it’s just coloured water, and too strong and you end up pulling your face as if you just sucked a lemon.

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In recent years, squash has gained popularity among adults and children alike. This could be due to the fact that people are becoming more aware of the effects of carbonated beverages on their health, or the vast increase in flavours and varieties of squash available. Many pubs and restaurants have increased their purchases of post-mix juices and squash. To find out more about Liquid Filling in drink production, go to https://www.wyepak.co.uk/filling-packing-services/liquid-filling

Here are some top facts about the squash we love:

Squashes belong to a larger category of drinks called ‘dilutables.’ All drinks in this group need water to be added. This category also includes powders and cordials. They come in different strengths, which indicate how much water is needed to make the drinks palatable. For the traditional standard squash strength, you would need to add four times as much water for each measure of squash you pour into your glass.

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Double concentrate is more cost-effective, and requires less plastic. It’s also popular. As the name suggests, this is twice as strong as original squash. This means that you will need to use double the water for every measure of squash.

Orange is the most popular flavour, followed by blackcurrant apple and lemon. There are many choices. What is your favourite flavour?

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