No sale, no fee conveyancing can offer benefits, such as peace of mind for you as a seller, knowing you won’t have to pay legal fees if the sale falls through. However, there may be some risks.
Watch out for hidden costs

While the basic legal fees may be contingent on the sale completing, you should be aware that there could still be additional costs, such as VAT, which may not be covered by the no sale, no fee arrangement. Always look out for hidden costs that may not be apparent.

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Look for a good quality service from a reputable professional

Some firms offering no sale, no fee conveyancing may prioritise volume over quality. This could result in less attention to detail during the conveyancing process. Ask friends and family for recommendations for companies. If you are interested in no sale no fee conveyancing and want more information, experienced professionals such as are on hand to advise.

Are there any cancellation fees?

You should carefully review the terms and conditions of the agreement with the conveyancer. Some firms may charge cancellation fees if you decide to withdraw from the sale, even if it’s for reasons beyond your control. The key is reading the small print.

How much does no sale no fee conveyancing cost?

Because it tends to be offered by conveyancing firms, no sale no fee may be cheaper than going to a traditional solicitor. This can benefit some people and they may prefer this option. This is just one of the many decisions that will arise during a home move. According to Which, if you are moving house, you should inform all government departments of your new address.

What about withdrawal charges?

Some conveyancers may include clauses in their contracts that allow them to charge withdrawal fees if you decide to switch conveyancers or withdraw from the transaction. You should carefully review these terms before entering into an agreement.

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Is there pressure to accept an offer?

Conveyancers operating under a no sale, no fee model may exert pressure on you to accept offers quickly, even if they are not in your best interests. You should be wary of any conveyancer who pushes you to accept an offer without fully considering your options.

Overall, while no sale, no fee conveyancing can offer advantages such as cost savings, nevertheless, you should carefully weigh up the potential risks. It’s also important to consider whether this type of arrangement is the best fit for your individual circumstances when you are moving home. It’s important to thoroughly research conveyancers in your area, review contracts carefully, and seek independent advice if needed before making a decision.

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