Leasing a vehicle is arranging the use of a car or van, for a fixed amount of time, for a fixed monthly cost.

It comes with a whole host of benefits and advantages. Businesses looking to arrange the use of a van can avoid the high outlay of purchasing outright as well as the loss of value from eventual depreciation. Leasing offers a quick, simple, and easy way to access a vehicle, without the huge cost or commitment. Monthly lease payment also provides a business with tax-deductible benefits.

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You may be considering which make, model and age of van is suitable for your needs.

Used vans

Leasing a used van as opposed to a new van often means lower monthly payments.

A used van may be practical if your business does not regularly complete a large number of miles, as there are no concerns about running up excess mileage on the clock.

Where you only require a short-term van lease, the age of the vehicle and the mileage on the clock may not be a concern or a top priority for you.

Vans are often made for a longer lifespan and to withstand high use. For example, there are transit vans that have made it to half a million miles in longevity. The lifespan of a van is significantly impacted by the amount of care and maintenance carried out on it.

Van hire

Van hire companies offer leasing of a van under short, medium, or long-term agreements. Their range of available vehicles is extensive, from transits and loaders to Luton vans and tipper trucks. There are a whole host of options suitable for your requirements.

When arranging van rental Bristol, or elsewhere in the UK, from a reputable leasing specialist such as autolynecarvanrental.co.uk/van-hire-bristol, you can be assured that all relevant servicing, maintenance, and upkeep is up to date.

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Leasing companies offer a huge range of vehicles and will be more than happy to speak to you about which type or age of vehicle might meet your requirements.

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