Happiness is just a state of mind and it means different for different people but ultimately true happiness is when you lead your life worry-free about what the future holds and contented with what you have in the present and these thoughts will fulfil your life, according to experts from online pokies real money.

  1. Give yourself permission

Permission to be who you are; permission to laugh big, to cry when you need to, to fail brilliantly, to make stuff; permission to fall apart, breakdown, and get back up again; permission to be different and unique; permission to go too far and reach your dreams.

  1. Don’t take yourself so seriously

Hold yourself with a “light hand.” Laugh at your foibles with amusement. When things get tough or stress arises, lift your shoulders with an “oh well…” Know that it’s never as big or life devastating as your mind thinks. Happy people trust that whatever glitch happens will work itself out. They give a “Ha! Ha!” and a “So what? Who cares? Big Deal! Why not?” when met with resistance.

  1. Add more exercise to your routine

Exercise causes the production of feel-good endorphins, which make you happier after a workout or even just a short trip to the store. I’ve never encountered somebody unhappy after exercising! But where are the facts from science? The University of Toronto did a great job on this and analyzed no less than 25 research studies. [1] The conclusion was that physical activity does help to keep depression at bay.

  1. Don’t compare

Comparison has been compared to a little death. When we compare ourselves to others, we harm ourselves. Happy people know that they’re no better or less than another person. Someone will always be at a “more evolved place” and someone will always be “less-evolved.” Note to self: Be concerned with only how to do your best and that’s all, and you can continue gaming at francais en ligne.

  1. Make adjustments

When something isn’t going your way, when your mood dips, or when you feel “off,” stay curious and self-aware. Fine-tune the energy in your body by making adjustments. If you eat something that makes you feel poor, why eat it? Pay attention if that glass of wine the night before makes you feel crappy in the morning or that slice of pizza made you bloated or that ice cream caused you to crash, losing your focus and energy. When you’re feeling stuck or heavy, take a walk, do something different than your normal routine, and meet up with a friend. If feeling anxious or stressed, tune up with extra sleep, meditation/yoga or a hot bath…

  1. Trash Your Negative Thoughts

Some people struggle greatly to overcome negative ideas because it overpowers them. A University of Madrid study found that actually writing these thoughts down on a piece of paper and then destroying them was effective.  They advised you to burn them, tear them up, or dump them in the trash! Physically getting rid of them does help to lessen their damaging effects. Psychologists advise doing this frequently.

  1. Show Gratitude

Being thankful for what you have in your life instead of running behind what you do not have is the best thing you can do. The need to achieve something is endless and can go on forever but if you always complain about your current status and run behind in achieving more, you will never be happy. instead, be grateful for what you have today and be contended which what will fulfil you with happiness.

By Roger Walker

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spreads happiness, and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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