Crazy Weapons

Right now there is a war raging on American soil and the battle has to do with gun laws and gun rights. Sure, the second amendment says that we may bear arms, but what exactly does that mean in the 21st century? – In an era where the biggest threat to the American people isn’t the English Monarchy, but obesity and school shootings – the amendment of yesteryear doesn’t really apply.

However, the gun rights are strong and gun advocates are literally sticking to their guns on this issue. In fact, right now you can literally buy a number of insane weapons that no person would need for a practical reason. Here are five crazy weapons that are legal in the United States.

  1. A cannon. Yes, cannons were once used before modern automatic weapons. Soldiers would have to pack gunpowder into a special compartment, stuff a giant lead ball into the cannon and then light the fuse. A cannon ball was able to inflict a lot of damage. It was the main weapon used during the Civil War and it helped beating the Southern soldiers into submission. In 2014 – with some disposable income – you can have your very own working cannon in your backyard. You may like also: Brendan Schaub net worth
  2. Grenade launcher. There’s no need to use a grenade launcher for hunting – you could literally decimate a herd of wild deer with one explosion and not even have a pair of antlers to put above your fireplace. Grenade launchers do have practical applications in wars, however, if you want to purchase a grenade launcher for personal use, you can. All you need is something to blow up – old cars make wonderful targets. Just remember, though, to be safe and to use extreme caution when using a grenade launcher.
  3. Umbrella sword. When most people think of umbrella swords, they think of evil spies and other shady characters. In fact, umbrella swords have been used for a number of real assassinations. In most circumstances – especially on a rainy day – umbrella swords are only good for protecting yourself from the rain. However, umbrella swords can be a fun novelty – something to show off to your friends. You can actually visit online to purchase your very own umbrella sword.
  4. Flame thrower. This is another weapon of partial mass destruction. Today, the only thing that flame throwers are good for is showing off to your friends in a very wide open space – nowhere near anything that is flammable or explosive. So, if you want to purchase a flame thrower, you better have a very good reason. You don’t want to misuse or abuse a flame thrower, because it could cause serious harm.
  5. A flail. Flails – most commonly known as one-handed flails – were used in the Middle Ages to torture heretics and anyone else who spoke against the Church. Today, however, flails look better in a case in your living room. Also, flails are completely legal to buy. In the end, you probably won’t use a flail for any real practical reason, but they are fun to play with, especially if you have an affinity for medieval weaponry.

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