how to protect messages on whatsapp

The world of communication has undergone a genuine revolution since the advent of cell phones. Especially with the mass diffusion of smartphones. Each of us now has one, complete with operating system and applications for any eventuality. Messaging “apps” have supplanted old SMS for years. Among these the best known is WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, we can send text, images, videos and start video calls. All at the cost of 89 euro cents per year. A reasonable price for good service. But if we wanted to protect our messages on WhatsApp how to protect messages on Whatsapp? The answer comes from excellent third-party applications.

How to protect messages on whatsapp?

  • Android smartphone or tablet
  • ChatLock +

ChatLock +

But why protect WhatsApp messages on a personal device? There is more than one good reason. It is less rare than we think to lose a cell phone. And it is undoubtedly very common that others want to browse through our messages. We may have friends who are a little too curious or paranoid boyfriend. Protecting the contents of messages becomes a necessity. To do this, simply set a security PIN for important conversations. The free ChatLock + application allows us to do so. This app can also capture the face of anyone who tries to read our messages.


Using the internal camera, ChatLock + can photograph the face of the hangman. This function is very useful in case of theft or loss. Anyone who tries to view protected messages will end up between shots of the app. All in secret, without triggering any sound. The setting is active by default. We can view the shots by accessing ChatLock +. The icon of a camera will indicate the number of shots present. We download the app from the Google Play Store if we use Android. Let’s install it and start it. We will have to choose a 4-digit PIN and confirm it.

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The activation of the block

We choose figures that are easy to remember but not too trivial. On the main screen, we will see all the applications that we can block. Among them also WhatsApp. We tap on On / Off to activate or deactivate the lock. We can also establish a maximum time for the block. For example for one minute or indefinitely. If we want to protect our messages without a deadline the default option is the right one. At this point, you can access WhatsApp only by entering a PIN. Trying to force the app, ChatLock + will immortalize the wily guy. This will make it really easy to protect confidential content. And also find those who try to sneak into our private.

We always try to keep our cell phone with us and not lose it: prevention is better than cure! It is advisable to also protect email and all other applications with personal data, such as the image gallery.

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