andre 3000 net worth

André Benjamin, better known by his stage name André 3000 widely known to Americans, Benjamin is an American musician and actor best known for being part of the hip hop duo Outkast alongside rapper Big Boi and As an actor, Benjamin has appeared in several TV series and movies, including Families, The Shield, among other more movies. Here, we will discuss the Andre 3000 net worth, biography, personal life and musical career.

Andre 3000 Biography

Andre Lauren Benjamin, Born in Atlanta, Georgia, May 27, 1975, is the only child of Sharon Benjamin, a single mother who sold real estate to support her home, and Lawrence Harvey Walker, a former collection agent, grew up and grew up in Atlanta, Gerogia, near East Point, Georgia and Bankhead Georgia.

André Benjamin attended Sarah Smith Elementary School, also Sutton High School and had short internships at Northside High Schools and the renowned TRi Cities High School.

In his teens, Benjamin developed a fantasy for upper-middle-class fashion. Unable to pay for any Ralph Lauren shirts and other designer clothes his classmates wore, he pinned his own design logo on plain white T-shirts.

andre 3000 net worth

He also developed an endeavor for what is commonly perceived as “white” music, from Madonna to The Smiths, Andre Benjamin loves all music, of all types of genres.

Benjamin was always characterized, for being a good student even though he lived in such a poor neighborhood, he decided for himself to take the reins of his life, for doing that André is considered one of the greatest exponents of urban music in English that have passed through the United States of America.

In addition to music, Benjamin’s performance has also been very entrepreneurial, so much so that in the spring of 2008, he launched a very striking clothing line, known to the people of the United States as Benjamin Bixby, has also been an advocate of animal abuse rights, and is widely recognized for his work on the Cartoon Network Class of 3000 animated series.


André Lauren Benjamin, is the son of Lawrence Walker and Sharon Benjamin Hodo, the influence of his father, since he was one of the greatest Cajun accordionists since the French Music Association has him included in the hall of fame of the musicians in their country of origin.

It is noteworthy that this family has transcended music from generation to generation since this musical streak was inherited from his father, who owned a musician band where he and his brother played, called Elton Walker, Benjamin’s uncle, who played the violin in that band, at that time the First World War was going on since it was in 1929.

Personal life

From his personal life, we ​​find that he had a love relationship, with the noe soul artist Erykah Badu, from this relationship a son is born, who is named Seven, it is noteworthy that Benjamin, writes songs about their relationship and there is a very particular, which is entitled “Ms Jackson”, which is dedicated to Erika. (See also: Hollywood )

Also, his personal life is reflected in songs he has written about his youth, making himself reflected in experiences like Camel, deep reflections, and stories that rap is the most part of, for all the cultures of the world as such.

Musical career and net worth

The famous group Outkast in 2003, released Speakerboxxx and The Love Below, a double cd that makes us reflect the differences in the group’s style of music, the first album is by André Benjamin, known as The Love Below album, which brings together the vast majority of successes among the highly acclaimed audience. Andre 3000 net worth is 45 million US dollars.

The fourth single since the technological era was coming, they tried to release a music video called “Prototype”, it was released a few days later, while the other album Speakerboxxx that was from his partner Big Boi triumphed with the best single of that a time called “The Way You Move” and also with the most recent of the Big Boi’s singles “Ghetto Musick.”

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