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These days, you can find just about anything on the internet. Need someone to run to the grocery store for you, or someone to pretend to be your date to your mother’s funeral? Want the Japanese version of the poster for your favorite obscure horror movie from the 80s? You can find it with just a simple Google search.

The internet isn’t just a tool for soliciting hyper specific favors or purchasing rare movie memorabilia, though. It’s a promise land of information, with more content than you could possibly wrap your head around. But with all of the information out there, how can you find the stuff that’s really helpful? How do you know that the source is really valuable?

The internet is used by almost all young people these days. And now more than ever, young people are obsessed with food and can’t stop taking selfies with their dinners! Therefore, to serve these interest, there are no shortage of college food blogs on the internet. So how do you know which ones are worth your follow? Well, whether you go to Pacific University or PSU online, these 6 noteworthy college food bloggers will make your food life better while you pursue your education.

  1. The College Food Blog

As you’d expect, the people who were in the game early enough to claim the name “The College Food Blog” have one of the best college food blogs around. Sam and Justin post a variety of recipes, some links, some of their own, that cover healthy meals, desserts, smoothies, and everything else a college student could need.

  1. A Vegan Student

Here’s a blog for college students looking for affordable, easy, vegan food they can make themselves. Not a vegan? Don’t be scared off. Ben posts recipes that will improve the diet of any college student, carnivorous or otherwise.

  1. Something Savory

The great thing about Something Savory is that the blogger is far from an expert chef. She is learning to cook right along with you, but the recipes are still great!

  1. College Cuisine

College Cuisine specializes in taking not so special ingredients and turning them into something delicious. The recipes are great for college students on a budget!

  1. Healthy Recipes

Don’t be turned off by the name: this food isn’t just healthy, it’s delicious and easy to make as well! Every college student could use a few more vegetables and nutrients in their life, and Healthy Recipes provides it with creative, surprisingly simple recipes like Bacon Deviled Eggs, Seafood Sauté, and SautéedSugar Snap Peas, along with many others.

  1. Dessert for Two

Enough with all of this healthy stuff! After a long, stressful week of classes and all-night study session, every good college student deserves to indulge. Dessert for Two offers unique and tasty desserts you can make at home. But that’s not all: you can find great dinner and cocktail recipes mixed in with the sweet stuff as well.

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