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Cylindrical roller bearings. Characteristic

Cylindrical roller bearings are a type of roller roller bearings - they consist of two rings and basket that supports rolling body, i.e. In this case, the rollers; In addition to them, the group of roller bearings also includes needle, conical and spherical roller bearings. The main classification of cylindrical roller bearings, like all rolling bearings, is based on the direction of the main load and distinguishes radial and stubborn bearings.

General characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings
The most distinctive feature of cylindrical roller bearings is the lack of one rolling track in one of the rings. Such a bearing design makes it detachable, which simplifies the assembly and allows small displacements relative to the housing during operation.

Thus, rolling bodies in the cylindrical roller bearings have a cylindrical shape and therefore have a linear contact with rolling tracks. As a result, cylindrical roller bearings are able to withstand very high radial loads. Their lifting capacity is much higher compared to other types of rolling bearings. However, the lack of rolling bearings is high sensitivity to the shaft and housing.

Single row and double row cylindrical roller bearings
Depending on the design or absence of side flanges among single-row cylindrical roller bearings, the following types are distinguished marked with the corresponding symbols:

H - with an outdoor through ring,
Well, with a cross-cutting inner ring,
Noob - with an elongated cross-cutting inner ring,
NUJ - NU Bearing + Corner Ring,
NUP - with an internal end-to-end ring on one side and additionally with a locking ring,
NJ - with a cross-cutting inner ring on one side,
NH - NJ Bearing + Corner Ring,
NJP - NJ bearing with a separate rim in the form of a locking ring,
NF - with an outer ring one way,
NP - with an outdoor through ring + locking ring.
N and well-type bearings cannot transmit axial efforts, and NJ and NUP carry up to 5% of the maximum load, which must be considered when choosing a shaft support; The latter work well as fixing bearings.
The usual cylindrical roller bearings with both sides on one ring and one side on another ring can perceive the load in one direction. Cylindrical roller bearings without sides on one of the rings are movable in both directions and therefore can be used as a device for the free end of the shaft.

Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have high radial rigidity. They exist in an even greater number of combinations and are used mainly in precision machines, for example, for bearing rolling mills and milling spindles for solid materials (for example, metals). MelBet Promo Code Use the promo code GAME888 when claiming the Melbet welcome offer. The bonus can see you receiving up to $130 (€100). There are several other international welcome offers available. At present, the site isn't available in the UK but this may change in the future. Those who can receive the bonus will find this to be a very generous one indeed, but remember to use the promo code. The MelBet site has become increasingly popular. It is not hard to see why because it has lots of betting opportunities, promotions and highly competitive odds.

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