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 The threat of hacked content and knowing prevention is better than a cure

As 2019 is coming to an end, hackers are front and centre with more reports of hacked content being seen in Google search engine results every day.

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There has also been a resurgence of tricks such as bait-and-switch content hacks, where access is gained to a site and pages are published on subjects the site wouldn’t normally cover. The site in question might not even know those pages exist. Here is a look at some methods you can use to protect your site from potentially costly attacks.

1) Ensure you are vigilant.

Make sure you are monitoring your website every day from an SEO and usability point of view. You might also choose to run a daily security scan.  If you want any help or advice from a specialist then maybe contact an seo belfast agency ryco marketing who are a SEO Belfast company.    They will be more than happy to give you personalised information to suit your needs.

2) Use the available tools.

Google have Search Console and Bing have Webmaster, both of which deliver site health diagnostics that make it easier to see what is occurring around your site. They can also help resolve issues in site recovery.

3) Be up-to-date.

Hacked sites are often victims of outdated software. Make sure all your plugins and add-ons along with your platform are updated regularly, and don’t forget your secure firewalls.

4) Make your passwords secure.

Choose passwords that are unique, long and strong to ensure hackers can’t get lucky and guess them. An ideal password combination contains symbols mixed with letters and numbers.

5) Check your hosting.

Ensuring you are hosted by a well-known provider with quality security offerings will help you immensely in your fight against potential hackers. A good London website design agency can help you choose one right for you.

6) Backup, backup, backup.

If the worst happens, you will absolutely need your data to have been backed up so you can revert to a previously stored version of your site.

A site hack can be a traumatic time for all concerned. It truly is better to protect than to respond, so make sure you take all the steps necessary to stop it before it starts. Follow our tips and your site will be as secure as it can be.

What to do with Fix Scratches on Your Wooden Floor

Wooden floors create a lovely impression in your home plus they are hard-wearing and easier to clean than carpets. However, if you have wooden floors, it is inevitable that they will get scratched no matter how careful you are. Many scratches are caused by moving furniture such as chairs, or by pets or children playing. Depending on how deep the scratch is, it should be easy to conceal so your floor looks good for longer.

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Staining Small Scratches

If the scratch is shallow you can use a wood staining marker to fix it. Use a damp cloth to clean the area and then dampen the cloth with a wood stainer to rub into the affected area. It’s better to use a cloth rather than dab the marker directly on to the wood, as it can saturate the scratch. Look for a wood staining marker which is as close to your floor colour as possible.

Scour it Out

Minor scratches can usually be buffed with steel wool or sandpaper. You will need to sand or buff in line with the wood grain and just stick to the scratched area. If it is finished in polyurethane it will be difficult to sand, so try using a scouring pad dipped in mineral spirits. Don’t wax the floor it if has a polyurethane finish.

Laminate Floor Repairs

Small chips or scratches on laminate flooring can be repaired using filler products from a DIY shop. For more extensive damage, you may need to replace the plank.  If you do not have spare, you can look. You can then either remove all planks in the row until you reach the damaged one or cut it out using a circular saw.  If you have to replace the whole floor then a Swansea skip hire company found at sites including

Fixing Deeper Cuts

For deeper scratches or gouges, you will need to clean the affected area and allow it to dry. If the floor has a coating of polyurethane, you will need to remove this first. Then rub the scratched area with a scouring pad dampened with mineral spirits. Leave to dry before applying wood filler with your fingers, spreading it in all directions to remove air bubbles. Use a putty knife to smooth the surface and allow the filler to dry. You may need to gently sand it afterwards before applying varnish or sealer.

Money-Saving on your Wedding Day

A couple’s wedding day is the happiest day of their life, so you want to ensure the day goes smoothly by choosing the right suppliers, whether you need a wedding photographer, a cake maker or a venue. However, if you don’t want your wedding to cost a fortune, here are some ideas that might help.

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According to Brides Magazine, the average wedding now costs in the region of £24,000, which is a lot of money. While decent suppliers are likely to cost you more, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure you have a good supplier but still manage to save money in the process.

Venue and Catering

One of the easiest ways to save money on your Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester found at sites like is to think about the day of the week and time of year you want to get married. Getting married in the height of summer on a Saturday is likely to be the most expensive option, but choose a Saturday in winter and the cost reduces drastically. If you are happy to get married on a week day in winter, then this is probably the cheapest option. If you are not obliged to use catering provided by the wedding venue, then shop around for caterers or rope in friends and family to help.

Cake, Photography and Flowers

The easiest way to save money on a wedding cake is to use someone you know who can make one for you. Alternatively, many department stores now offer wedding cakes, which are likely to be cheaper than having a bespoke one made. Good wedding photography is vital, and if you find a photographer you can have a good relationship with, it will make discussing money easier. It is also wise to choose one recommended by wedding venues and someone who is close to where you are to save on out-of-pocket expenses. Using creative friends and family to help with flowers will always save money. Of course, these ideas are not exhaustive, and you can get some additional ideas from BBC News.

Hopefully, this has made you realise that a great wedding day does not need to cost a fortune, and you can have the happiest day of your life without breaking the bank.

A traveling  lost property box

Taxi drivers most likely know a great many secrets about their passengers. A new survey of taxi drivers has revealed a insight into the strange antics of passengers and it turns out that some of them are pretty dishonest types. Almost half of taxi drivers have responded saying that they have heard a passenger lie about where they are or where they are going when on their mobiles. What are these people up to? The drivers have also revealed some of the weird and wonderful objects that get left behind on the back seat. In fact they find so many items they have had to start storing them in their shed on the garage shelving they sourced at links like In a survey of more than one thousand drivers, here are some of the more bizarre items:

A baby – we can all be a bit forgetful at times but forgetting your own baby? The tot, thought to be less than one year old, was left in the back of the vehicle and taken to a police station after its neglectful guardian failed to return.

A dead cat – now we don’t know if it was alive when it entered the cab or really what on earth went on at all, but a dead cat? I mean, come on that’s just too weird!

False Teeth – ok so someone needed to give their gums a rest, not so strange is it? The hapless owner was no doubt devastated when it was time for dinner.

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False legs – surely the owner of this would notice a slight issue when trying to exit the vehicle? Unless, of course, they were just carrying a spare! Or maybe it was someone else’s artificial leg because surely you’d notice if you were missing a vital limb.

Urns – maybe that was the wish of the dearly departed, gto be transported around town in the back of a taxi.

A plasma TV – finally a relatively normal purchase but how can you forget it, I mean it’s not that small is it?

Two dead mice – could this be something to do with the dead cat? Most likely, they were a pet snake’s dinner. That would have been one grumpy snake come dinner time.

£1000 in an envelope – the lovely, honest taxi driver realised that the old lady he’d just dropped off at the post office must have left her savings in the back of his cab. He drove back to return it to the rather shocked and speechless lady.

Zimmer Frame – there must be a poor man or woman somewhere struggling to get about, unless people have spares lying around. Either way, quite a large object to not notice as you get out of the cab!

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A goldfish – if you had an unwanted prize from a funfair then why would you leave it in the back of a cab? Hoping to pass on the responsibility of pet ownership to the driver maybe?

A large tent – if this was on the way to a festival then someone would have had a rather cold and possibly wet night under the stars!



Managing the risks caused by trees

There is no doubt that trees provide great benefit to those who live and work in built-up urban areas. As trees grow larger and mature, this benefit is only increasing. However, with these benefits comes additional risk as the age of the tree increases, such as root problems and the possibility of falling branches. Urban trees in particular require careful management with responsible owners who recognize both the benefits and risks.

The potential risk can be exacerbated by bad weather such as high winds, snow or prolonged cold conditions. Nearby construction may also affect trees in a negative way. Therefore, management strategies are important, so that the trees can continue to bring benefits to all the people who live and work in the area. Those who own the trees need to be responsible for recognizing the risk, safely responding to bad weather damage and attempting to help the trees affected by any nearby construction.

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Identifying Risk Trees

When the tree becomes damaged, old or sick, parts could fall and cause property damage and injury to people. This makes the tree a liability. By understanding the risks posed by the trees on your property, you can take action to make the tree more secure and extend its life.

A tree surgeon is the perfect professional to help you manage the trees and can provide information and services to help you reduce the risks that may be associated with certain types of trees on your property. They may suggest some of the following actions:

Remove a problem. Yes, it is not possible to move house or power lines, but it is possible to move things like garden furniture, vehicles and anything else at risk from falling tree debris.

Pruning. Every branch suffering from a disease or disability can be cut back. Pruning incorrectly can significantly weaken the tree, so it must be done by a professional. For a Poole Tree Surgeon, visit

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Cabling and bracing. This is a technique that provides support for weak stems or branches to help improve the stability and improve the opportunity for them to grow.

Routine maintenance. A tree surgeon is the best person to provide regular and routine care to adult trees and pruning them in the right season.

Remove the tree. A final but sometimes only safe option. If there is deemed unacceptable level of risk, the tree will be removed but there is always the possibility to be able to plant new trees in a better location.

As we enter the winter, bad weather is expected and it’s weather like this that has a lasting impact on our property and our environment. Strong winds and heavy rain soften the hard ground and can uproot even the sturdiest trees. Lightning can strike the tree and the water evaporates, leaving the skin split and exploded! A fallen tree can bring down walls, electric poles and cause a significant risk for car drivers and pedestrians. Before winter falls, be sure to check your surroundings and take preventive measures which can include:

Assess the possibility that the area could be damaged by the trees nearby

Taking the proper safety precautions

Do not do the work alone, always hire a professional.

Things You Should Know About College Admissions

5 Things You Should Know About College Admissions

There’s a lot to know about the college application process.  The first thing to take note of is that applying to college requires a pretty hefty amount of research. However, there are a few things you should know right off the bat before you jump into it all. Here are 5 things you should know about college admissions. Read More

5 Tips to Help You Plan A Sunroom Addition

Building a sunroom addition to your home is a great way to brighten your space without spending too much money to give the home a fresh, new look. You have plenty of options when it comes to how you decide to integrate this new addition to the rest of the house.

You have two main options, a three-season or four-season sunroom. The differences lie in the way you design the sunroom you intend to build. For planning purposes, making this decision up front is important because you will need to add certain components to the design scheme based on the option you choose.

For example, a three-season sunroom is designed and built to be used in less extreme temperatures. So, you can be out there in summer, the fall, and the spring, but the winter is going to be far too cold. However, if you decide you want a four-season version instead you will need to add some kind of an HVAC system into your plans. This will be a separate unit that won’t be part of the home’s larger central cooling and heating.

Due to the nature of the four-season sunroom, the planning of the addition will require more insulation than a three-season alternative. With that said, here are five tips to help you plan your sunroom addition, courtesy of your local Sunroom Builders Chesterfield:

1. Three-Season or Four-Season

This should really be the first thing you decide. As we stated up top, there is a discernible difference between the two with respect to planning and all of the important equipment and components needed for the sunroom you really want.

A good place to start is to think about where your home is located. Can you build a three-season sunroom in your region of the country or should a four-season sunroom be a better fit for where you live? The way to answer that question is by considering how cold the winters get in your neck of the woods. If your sunroom is going to be excruciatingly frozen in the dead of winter, you may want to opt for the four-season version with heating and insulation.

2. Size and Placement

Next thing to consider is the size of the sunroom you want to build and where you want to place it on the house. You will find most additions like this on the first floor of the home usually situated off the main living room or even the kitchen. These types of rooms are also ideal for gazing upon the backyard of the home and you should decide on the placement of the sunroom with an eye towards providing you and your guests with a view of the surrounding environment.

As to the size of the sunroom you wish to build, you should think about how you plan to use the space. Consider how many people live in the home and the number of individuals who might be using the sunroom at any given time. Think about how you plan to enter and exit the sunroom as well, do you want to connect it directly to a certain room and where do you wish to exit the room to the outdoors?

3. Additional Features

What do you want to add to the sunroom in terms of windows, skylights and other features that might give it a unique appearance and increased functionality? You should think about how you would like to use these things to give the sunroom that special touch.

Glass has many purposes that can be beneficial and add to your enjoyment of the sunroom. It allows for natural light to stream in while helping to give the room some additional heating, all while you are able to see the gorgeous view beyond.

You may want to add screens to the windows so you aren’t eaten alive by flies and biting insects that can be a nuisance and ruin your fun.

4. Matching the Architecture

You don’t want your sunroom to stick out like a sore thumb when you add it to your home. That’s why it’s important to design your new addition in a manner that ensures it matches the current architectural style of the home.

5. Interior and Exterior Design

Finally, your sunroom should be planned with an eye towards the overall look and functionality of the space. What will the floors look like? Do you want molding and trim along the walls? What about lighting and electrical outlets? Don’t forget about these components that will make your sunroom more enjoyable.

How to Pressure Wash Your Brick Patios and Walkways

Certain areas around the home require a little extra strength when you try to clean them. Case in point, brick patios and walkways. These are some of the more challenging areas of your exterior that can be tough to get clean. Which is why pressure washing is an ideal method for getting into all of those hard to reach crevices.

But in order to do the most effective job at power washing bedford nh, you need to know how best to get it done. That’s where this quick little guide comes in. We’re going to tell you the best tips to wash your walkways and brick patios so your exterior areas look good as new.

Check Your Surfaces

While most walkways and brick patios are constructed from high-quality, durable materials that are designed to withstand all types of abuse, you should still do a full inspection of the areas where you plan to aim that pressure washer nozzle. That’s because even the strongest surfaces could have some small vulnerabilities in the form of cracks and fractures. These can weaken the material, causing some form of damage, and resulting in some repair or replacement costs you weren’t planning on spending.


You will want to do this depending on how much dirt and grime you need to remove. Pre-soaking allows for you to jar some of the top layers loose while moistening the hardest and toughest stuff so that it’s a lot easier to eliminate.

You can do all of this with a low-pressure setting, just enough to wet your surface and weaken the hard grime for removal.


The hotter the water you’re using to pressure clean your exteriors, the more effective it can be and the less cleaning detergent you’ll need to rely on. Consider cranking up the temperature as you increase the pressure of your water. It may just be a lot more useful than the colder alternative. Dirt and grime respond much quicker to water at higher temperatures.

Nozzle Selection

When you work with a pressure washer you will have a variety of nozzles from which to choose. Each type of nozzle provides you with the ability to control certain aspects of the water being expelled. Every nozzle will come with a setting that offers a particular angle and size of opening. Depending on the type and amount of dirt and grime you need to clear out, you will need to select a nozzle that can best do the work, with respect to angle and stream.

The smaller the opening, the higher the psi. The larger the opening, the opposite. Your stream pressure is going to be doing a lot of the work, but angle is also important as smaller angles provide for a more powerful stream.

Washing Distance

Taking efficacy of your stream into account, distance plays a role along with angle and stream. The closer you are to the surface you are washing, the higher the pressure and the heat of the water making contact.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Granite Countertops

Homeowners with granite kitchen countertops need to be very careful as to how they maintain them. This is due to the process used for sealing the stone in order to prevent it from absorbing germs and bacteria that are present in many different types of raw foods. Since the stone is naturally porous it must be given a sealant to close up those pores, otherwise the countertop can absorb liquids and the bacteria within.

That will make your countertop hazardous to the health of you and your family. So, it’s absolutely critical that your counters are sealed and stay that way. The methods used for cleaning and disinfecting the stone will help to preserve the sealant and keep your countertops safe to use in the kitchen.

So here are some helpful tips for cleaning and disinfecting your granite countertops, courtesy of your favorite granite countertop company.


The most important thing to remember is never to use anything abrasive on your countertops. That includes the cleaning solution and the type of sponge or cloth. Neither should be harsh or rough. Always opt for gentle cleansers and a soft, clean cloth or sponge. When cleaning, just mix together some warm water and a mild dish soap.

Put them both in a spray bottle, shake it up and then spray the entire surface of the counters. Wipe and rinse with some more warm water before drying with another, separate, cloth or towel. If you do this at least once a day, your counters will be nice and clean without damaging the sealant.


Maybe you want to take that extra step in the cleaning of your countertops by disinfecting them after a leak or spill of bacteria-infested liquid such as chicken blood. You can still get the job done by avoiding the harsh and abrasive stuff. Many homeowners will automatically reach for ammonia or bleach to clean the counters and this is a bad idea.

These can eat away at the sealant, making your counters unsafe to use after a while. Germs and bacteria can get into the stone and settle there and, before long, those beautiful granite countertops will need to come out of your kitchen. They simply won’t be sanitary any longer.

So, let’s avoid all of that by disinfecting the proper way. You can still use a simple mix of water and mild soap, but just turn up the heat on the water. Using very hot water to clean the granite will help to kill those germs and bacteria on the surface of the counter.

However, if you feel like you need something just a little bit stronger to fight those germs, mix in a few tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol with that hot water and dish soap combination. The added strength of the alcohol will be that germ-fighting ingredient that makes all the difference.

If you follow these steps for cleaning and disinfecting your granite, you’re going to preserve the look, feel, and safety of your countertops for as long as you own them.

Cleaning an Area Rug on Hardwood Floors

Cleaning area rugs on hardwood floors is one of those tasks that we all know needs to get done but we don’t always do it, much less do it correctly. An area rug is exposed to the same levels of dirt, bacteria, and other forms of allergens and contaminants as your thick pile carpeting. However, going about the process of rug cleaning Redondo Beach can be different than with your carpets which can make the task more challenging.

It’s crucial that you know how best to maintain your area rugs so you can avoid having filthy floor coverings inside the home. This won’t just preserve the look and feel of your area rugs but also make them a whole lot cleaner to live with so you and your family can stay healthy. A dirty area rug can have detrimental effects on your respiratory system and trigger allergic reaction in allergy sufferers.

So, here’s what you need to do in order to clean an area rug on your hardwood flooring:

Mind the Mess

If something is spilled on your area rug, you need to clean it up as fast as possible. Just like with your carpets, the longer you allow a liquid or substance to remain on the rug’s surface the more likely it is that a stain will set in. That can drastically ruin the appearance of your area rug. The way to clean it up is to blot, never wipe. Failing to take such precaution will result in the spill being driven into the fibers of the rug and allowing the stain to set.

Regular Maintenance

For those homes that see an abundance of routine foot traffic, regular maintenance is even more important. Without it, you will soon start to discover that your area rug has started to look dull and dirty. So, your best bet is to vacuum at least once a week, more often for homes with children and animals. Vacuuming can be highly effective for preventing surface messes from getting deeper in the rug.

Professional Attention

Vacuuming is only so effective for keeping those area rugs nice and clean. But in order to really ensure that your rugs are always looking and smelling their best, you need to have them cleaned professionally by a rug cleaning company. This will eliminate all of the germs and grime that can get ground into the surface of your rugs and mar their appearance. You only need to professionally clean area rugs once or twice a year, based on the amount of foot traffic they receive.

Keep Them Clean

After you’ve vacuumed and cleaned your area rugs, you want to maintain their appearance and the way to do that is by keeping shoes and dirty feet off of them. So, you might want to introduce a new policy around the house – no shoes indoors and always wipe off paws and bare feet after they have come inside. Dirt, mud, and other germs from outside can be kept off your area rugs with a little precautionary consideration.